I place importance on craftsmanship. I sell sharing unique works without copies.
From my perspective, I capture the creator of my sensations.
The exclusivity of an analogical photograph is the uniqueness of its negative.
I share what draws my attention, what attracts me.
The purest essence of photographs lies in the negative.
A feature of the photograph I take is the signature of the negative.
The framework of my emotions is what surrounds me.
Travel, experience, discover…. Live. That’s what inspires me.
A photograph is an eternal instant.
Each work envelopes a reflection, and I share each reflection with somebody.
The texts accompanying the works represent part of the environment surrounding me at the time of capture.
The thing I appreciate about a negative is that it’s unique among the different capture options.
Life doesn’t try to gather things, experiences, or moments but rather it shares them.
Scars are the signatures of experiences, which we are gifted with and which make us grow.
I share my opinion, my way of seeing life and as such my way of feeling it.
I aim to be consequential with what I do. The peace that brings to your conscience is something I yearn.
I feel there is a piece of the soul of the person portrayed impregnated in the work in each portrait.
Every look tells a story, the eyes are the windows to the soul.
When I make a portrait, I try to become a mirror with the sole intention of reflecting the soul which the portrayed person wishes to show me.
The photographer should be totally absent from the photograph and never the protagonist, because it’s like wanting to hear a story by telling one’s own first.
The world is infinite without determiners. People never die in the same way they were born, yet the essence endures.
To hear the truth you must want to listen. To see the truth you must want to observe. There is a void and an intention before being able to fill yourself with something.
There is a piece of the soul of the person portrayed in every portrait, and these people kept a part of mine.
The fact I want to share this with you doesn’t mean you wish to receive it, but since you’re here...
Our face becomes decorated with gestures, grimaces, scars, to put it in a nutshell, marks. Each and every one has a story to tell.
When I meet someone I always try to imagine what it would be like to look through their eyes, understand their reality, leaving mine to one side.
It’s funny how staring into eyes can end up hypnotising me, having the sensation the iris is eternally falling into a void.
I’ve always felt that each portrait has part of the soul of the person portrayed.
Through travelling I’ve learnt that really helping somebody doesn’t mean giving him/her what you think’s necessary, but rather providing something which makes us greater without creating dependence, and being willing to receive on equal footing.
I’ve spent a lot of my life just observing until I decided where I wanted to look.
Meeting somebody may evolve from a cordial greeting to a life change.
Curiosity lets me discover and listen beyond what I think I’d like to initially.
The way I see portraits is that they’re the landscapes of the soul.
Changing the world may seem impossible, yet if you change somebody’s world, then the world will change for you.

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